Reconsidering the Way of Networking


By Ricardo Amorim


Networking has become an obligation and a subject of frustration for many people. By no way, I am a specialist in this topic, but as LinkedIn enhances professional networking I will try to provide some guidance.
I have the impression that the frustrations and the feeling of irrelevance come from the fact that most of us tackle networking with the wrong approach. Many of us force ourselves to connect with people who could be useful or of any kind of interest. Such a projection provokes a feeling of bitterness as we are acting motivated by personal interests and this rarely creates consisting relationships of value.
The most successful persons with the best network relationships I got to know apply a totally different approach. They worry about networking and supporting their friends, personal relationships and colleagues and not in order to expand their own network. Applying such an approach in practice, besides helping many people, what on its own is excellent and creates wellbeing, they end up enhancing and expanding their own networks indirectly. Enhanced networks create more opportunities. In a nutshell, do you want to improve your networking? Then think about how to help your connections and not how to help yourself. Beyond helping them you will end up helping yourself.
Thanks to everybody who with their generous support taught me that in practice.
Ricardo Amorim is the author of the best-seller After the Storm, a host of Manhattan Connection at Globonews, the most influential economist in Brazil according to Forbes Magazine, the most influential Brazilian on LinkedIn, the only Brazilian among the best world lecturers at Speakers Corner and the winner of the “Most Admired in the Economy, Business and Finance Press”.
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Translation: Guido Cajacob