Ricardo Amorim: the big name in the the International Forum of Architecture and Construction


Expo Revestir



The third day of the International Forum of Architecture and Construction took place this Thursday (March 07) and assembled executives and representatives of the biggest and most renowned building companies in the country. The event was enriched by the lecture delivered by journalist Ricardo Amorim, who addressed the topic “Brazil: How to eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate construction industry growth in a sustainable manner “.
The II Meeting of Building Material Industry and Building Company Leaders was opened by Antônio Carlos Kieling, president of the Forum and EXPO REVESTIR. Kieling underscored the support and partnership of Editora Pini and SindusCon-SP, represented by their presidents respectively Eric Cozza and Sérgio Watanabe. The latter also lectured about the civil construction industry and the prospects for this year.
Ricardo Amorim highlighted the industry challenges for sustained growth over time, addressing issues such as infrastructure, taxes, legislation and workforce, emphasizing how Brazil can deal with these bottlenecks and what factors led to accelerated growth.
“”Over the past 10 years, as a rule, building material industry has been growing at a faster pace than the rest of Brazilian economy, driven by rising income and credit. As income continues to expand and interest rates remain the downward trend in the long term, even with eventual cyclic highs, the process of credit expansion in the country should not be reversed, sustaining the growth of the industry, which should continue to be significantly faster than economy”, the journalist concluded.